4English – Learn English

4English – Learn English


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4English is a super app to learn English that includes the following features:

• You can look up instantly even while using other apps

• You can learn English and update news at the same time
• There are a full range of prestigious news websites, with the latest news updated every day
• You can tap to translate new words
• You can save words with meanings, examples, and pictures to revise
• There is a translation for any news

• There are more than 10,000 videos with subtitles, coming in a variety of topics
• You can practice listening with gap-filling exercises
• You can look up words displayed in the subtitles

• All podcasts have transcripts
• You can tap to translate words displayed in the transcripts
• Important words are highlighted
• There are multiple levels of difficulty to choose

• You can revise saved words with flashcards and gap-filling exercises
• There are many vocabulary sets related to many themes

• Learn vocabulary through the game
• Enrich your vocabulary
• Improve your English while having fun with your friends

With 4English you can learn English easily and effectively.
Happy learning!

**Version 2.2.7**
– Fixbugs
**Version 2.2.6**
– Fixbugs Text to speech

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