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This app requires an existing subscription to BMJ Best Practice.

Fast and easy access to the latest evidence based information on diagnosis and treatment for healthcare professionals.

To access this companion app you will need to have a valid subscription to BMJ Best Practice website, and a personal account.

Whether you’re on the ward, at home, or studying, BMJ Best Practice gives you trusted decision support information in an instant, both online and offline.

Benefits of app include:

– Access to the latest evidence and expert opinion on thousands of conditions, their diagnosis and treatment
– Links to over 6,000 international practice guidelines
– Over 11,000 differentials, 20,000 drug references and approx 70,000 citations
– Daily content updates
– Multimedia content including medical calculators, videos and images
– Ability to get the right information, whenever and wherever you need it, with online and offline access
– Fast download and updating performance

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