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Ecommerce selling healthcare package: Users using the Danh Y app / website can view and purchase relevant health service packages (including examination package, online consultation package, etc.) provided by Hoan My Medical Corporation.

Examination booking: Users using Danh Y app / website can book an examination schedule at any hospital within the Hoan My Medical Corporation on app. They can decide to pay the examination fee in advance or pay later when they check in at the hospital.

Telemedicine: Users using Danh Y app / website can book an online consultation session with a doctor of Hoan My Medical Corporation. They will pay the consultation fee in advance on the app / website. Users can take a video consultation with the doctor and view the chat log after the session ends.

E-health profile: Users can view and input the personal health information on Danh Y app / website. They can also view the medical profile after taking an examination at the hospital.

– Improve app performance

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