Diet tracker, Weight loss calculator – Food Diary

Diet tracker, Weight loss calculator – Food Diary


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“Diet tracker, Weight loss calculator – Food Diary”
Useful tools for diet management, weight loss calculator – Food diary
“Diet tracker, Weight loss calculator – Food Diary” has helped millions of members achieve their goals and live healthier and happier.
“Diet tracker, Weight loss calculator – Food Diary” fully integrates daily report information for you about diets about calorie intake details daily, updated and updated on the food list ..
1. We always need calories to survive (calories), so we always need a proper diet (diet) with the body. If you are overweight, you need to have a diet to lose weight that corresponds to your height and work (weight loss, weight loss, body).
2. If you want to lose weight (lose weight), you must set specific goals (weight loss goals), need an appropriate diet, exercise moderation, monitor food data and specific reporting data in the chart, choosing the right dishes, food or food must be safe
1. Do you want to have a healthy body by having a reasonable diet? (Diet)
2. Do you want to lose weight by exercising and playing sports every day? (Weight loss)
3. Do you want to monitor your daily diet by controlling your calorie intake through diet?
1. We have designed an open database of food
– Allows you to choose dishes and foods already available in the database
– Allows you to update the list of dishes and foods that the database system does not yet have.
2. Easily monitor exercise mode and estimate the amount of calories you consume during practice. Then calculate the calories in each meal daily, to match the amount of calories your body needs to eat at each meal, commensurate with the time of exercise.
3. The purpose of the application is to create a strategy with a specific target solution for weight loss through proper diet and sports exercise.
4. The application also allows you to monitor the consumption of nutrients and essential minerals in the body such as calories, starch, protein, fat, fiber, cholesterol
5. Allows you to monitor daily progress through updated data on height, weight, BMI, weight analysis chart, to track daily weight loss.
6. The app offers metabolism tips in the body, or how to have a healthy body, and turn your phone into a daily nutritionist with you!
-Track weight loss (weight counter).
-Review and evaluate achievements (weight loss goals) practice and eating.
-Track your weight loss through chart showing weight data.
-Review the progress and weight history
-Allows to record food items and daily exercise regimes. The dishes are already available in the database, or if they are not already available, you can actively enter the system.
-Calculate the number of calories needed to sustain your life in one day (figures are calculated accordingly to a 0.5 kg reduction in 1 week)
-Allows you to choose the pineapple menu on the food, the food that you eat daily from the app’s database.
-Allows you to select daily practice mode data, and allows you to take notes in the application as a journal.
-Provide a diet to encourage people to exercise, exercise and health to lose weight according to your goals.

Download and install the “Diet tracker, Weight loss calculator – Food Diary” free app to manage your health. Thank you!

Update the function “Sport tracker” including “Weight Tracker” and “Muscles exercise”
-Keep your health, keep you fit and healthy after stressful working days, and prevent any illness.
-Warm-up and stretching routines
-Records training progress automatically
-The chart tracks your weight trends
-Customize your workout reminders
-Detailed video and animation guides
-Lose weight with a personal trainer
-Provides daily workout routines for all your main muscle groups. In just a few minutes a day, you can build muscles and keep fitness at home without having to go to the gym. No equipment or coach needed, all exercises can be performed with just your body weight

V 1.9:
– Add link “App no Ads”
V 1.8
– Muscle training exercises
– Record automatic progress and actively practice at home
– Track your weight trends through chart
– There are instructions to train muscles by video and detailed animation
V 1.0-1.6
– Diet tracker
– Weight loss Track
– Food diary
– Data on food
– Track exercise regimen
– Monitor the amount of calories your body absorbs
– Instructions for using calories, starch, protein, fat, fiber, cholesterol
– Choose appropriate dining menus Protection Status