Ella, The Robot Barista

Ella, The Robot Barista


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It’s easy! Just sign up, order and pay. You’ll get a notification once your beverage is ready to be picked up. Say no to queues!

Ella by Crown Digital
Crown Digital brings you Ella, Singapore’s first robotic barista – a fully unmanned IoT cafe serving cafe quality coffee, tea, chocolate drinks and more. Order and customise your drink ahead of time while you’re on the bus, train or in a vehicle via the Ella app, scan the QR code once you arrive, and instantly collect your cup of rich Italian coffee, soothing tea, or decadent hot chocolate. No more queuing for a cup of overpriced, weak coffee.

Like a hot coffee on a cold day, we’re always here to lift your spirits! Reach out to us by:
Visiting our website: www.crowndigital.io
Follow us on Instagram: @meetella.official

*For usage in Singapore only.

Available now in Japan with improved UI. Google pay fix for Japan

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