Fever Check Thermometer Diary

Fever Check Thermometer Diary


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Thermometer for fever App and temperature sensor app gives you the most extreme & least run of the given values within the app to store the past records and gives you the data around your body temperature which are given concurring to the thermometer and full body checkup.

Body Temperature tracker and smart thermometer App Data is an application to spare the body temperature record measured by the utilizing thermometer. You’ll be able indeed the track temperature ranges of your body on chart based on information saved using this infrared thermometer tracker.

Kinsa quickcare thermometer and fever tracking application maintain the entered records by user. This application is the best developed application in terms fever records tracking and temperature questions. Body Thermometer application will view the records entered by the user and view the summary of the entered records with custom tags and notes. Body daily Temperature Tracker gives you the maximum & minimum range of the given values in the app to store the previous records and gives you the information about your body thermometer which are given according to the thermometer.

Free Thermometer app is used to generate graphs statistical analysis and reports on the basis of entered reports. Digital Thermometer app has info and guidelines section which helps the user to get updated accordingly. This Body Temperature Diary History: Fever Check Thermometer tracker App gives you all functions you need to track, record and analyze your body temperature and pulse.

Temperature detector and fever thermometer app is used to track different values like flu tracker, baby fever tracker, pad fever, medical records tracker, flu symptoms. This Body Temperature Logger and kinsa smart thermometer will help the user to maintain the record on regular interval. Fever is one of the most common medical signs and is characterized by an elevation of body temperature above the normal range of 36.5–37.5 °C (97.7–99.5 °F). The user can take decision on the basis of this record.

The graphs supported by Body Thermometer for fever App info are Line Graph, Bar Graph, and Dual Axis Line Graph.

1. Enter Body temperature gun info with age and name
2. Track list of temperatures with estimated result
3. Track temperature in Graph
4. Check Mobile Temperature
7. View your indoor room temperature

If your doctor recommends you to track temperature, this app is a good fit to log it.
Measure your temperature with thermometer or smart watch and add your measurements to the app.


Fever Check Thermometer diary App information stores your temperature values and does not measure your body temperature values. The values and graphs are only for identical purpose of body temperature readings.

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