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Keep track of your moods to understand yourself better.
The most simple way to improve your emotional wellbeing is here.

– How are you feelings? Select the right mood for your day.
– You can also upload one picture in a polaroid frame.
– When you select the mood and write a journal, you can edit the date to record for the previous days.
– If you don’t want to keep a specific log, press long to delete it.
– Shake your phone, you can find out the dominant feelings in your daily life.
– Share your feelings with your friends if you want.
– Also, various font styles are provided.
– Data back-up is provided through Google Drive.

If you have any ideas and feedback to share with us, please email us to or find us on Instagram @moodaforyou and send DM. 🙂

Mood Diary is here for you.

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