My AIA: Insurance, Health, Wellness, Rewards

My AIA: Insurance, Health, Wellness, Rewards


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With health and wellness at the top of mind, this new lifestyle mobile application is AIA Malaysia’s dedication to simplifying health journeys through a seamless and personalised experience. For the first time ever, AIA Malaysia customers can easily manage their insurance & takaful plans, make premium/contribution payments, keep track of their fitness and health with AIA Vitality, gain access to healthcare services such as doctors’ consultation, and even enjoy exclusive rewards, all in just one app!

Here’s how you can use the My AIA app:

Manage Your Insurance/Takaful Plans & Premium/Contribution Payment
• View policy/certificate information
• Review your plan and coverage sufficiency with Financial Health Check
• Add/View your e-medical card(s)
• Make payments for your AIA plans via the app
• Get notified on your individual policy updates including your online claim submission status, unsuccessful autodebit deductions, payment reminders and many more.

Manage Your Medical Benefits (for Employee Benefits members ONLY)

• Ease of access to cashless medical care
• View your e-medical card(s), referral letters and e-LOG (Letter Of Guarantee), including your dependants’
• Pre-register for cashless visits to any AIA panel of medical providers
• Locate AIA panel clinics & hospitals/AIA Platinum hospitals
• Receive immediate notification for your medical bills, referral letters and letter of guarantee on your phone
• Get updates on insurance/takaful claims and submit your medical claims online

Make Healthier Choices with AIA Vitality
• Check your AIA Vitality points and status on the go
• View your recommended and/or active health goals
• Track your daily steps and workouts by linking your favourite fitness devices or health apps (HealthKit) to earn points. A wide range of the most popular apps and devices are supported. (Enhanced)
• Track your meals and get tips on healthier food choices through our new Food Tracker.
• Monitor your Weekly Challenge progress and get rewarded when you achieve your Weekly Challenge target
• Submit your health assessment results and earn points.

Online Access to Healthcare Services ( Now available for Individual Policy Holders )
• Chat with a doctor online
• Symptom checking
• Medication delivery

Earn Rewards for Your Healthy Habits!
Get updates on AIA’s latest news, events, promotions and more.

We hear you! We’ve received your feedback on the various issues you’ve been experiencing while linking your device with AIA Vitality. Rest assured, we’ve put together some trouble shooting tips to help you along the way. We have also fixed some of Apple Health’s linking issues for IOS users. Additionally, enjoy AIA Vitality’s new enhanced dashboard design geared to help you achieve your next status goal. Protection Status