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MyVinmec is a health profile’s management application developed by Vinmec Healthcare System. Owing to integrating multiple premium features, MyVinmec allows users to take preventive care of their health and their families proactively and seamlessly.

SIX features in MyVinmec ver 1.0 including:

1. READ NEWS: A vast repository of healthcare knowledge and health information are composed, censored officially by doctors, professors of Vinmec, extracted directly from the portal – top 60 Health portal in the world with nearly 200 million views in 2019.

2. CALL to Vinmec hospitals easily by the Calling function.

3. APPOINTMENT SCHEDULING – REMINDER: send your requirement for booking an appointment to Vinmec. Together with the appointment reminder feature, it helps you proactively arrange time to ensure compliance with the scheduled appointments.

4.VIEW VISITS HISTORY – EXAMINATION RESULTS conveniently via mobile phone: view the examination history at Vinmec and other necessary information such as doctor’s indications, recommendation and prescriptions.

5. CREATE PERSONAL & FAMILY MEMBER’S HEALTH PROFILES: manage personal health records of users and their relatives, store allergy and insurance information etc. It is convenient for medical staffs when receive customers for examination.

6. SCAN VINMEC’S PATIENT IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (PID) to upload personal health profile to app: an unique feature of Vinmec intended to minimize hardcopy documents usage & help customer to interact with Vinmec medical staffs conveniently in the course of medical examination and treatment.

We do hope that you will have positive experiences with MyVinmec & take your time for valuable feedback. Should you have any questions or suggestions for the development team, please email us at Vinmec would like to express our gratitude and hope to receive your interests in the upcoming releases

– Add feature Health Dashboard at Vinmec’s health check report Protection Status