Pharmacity-Nhà thuốc tiện lợi

Pharmacity-Nhà thuốc tiện lợi


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Pharmacity – Your health-care assistant

Pharmacity is an application developed by Pharmacity.
Pharmacity app will benefit you by various functions:

1. Convenient & speedy online shopping for healthcare products
– Easily search and select thousands of products at attractive prices, 100% commitment for trusted origin (including pharmaceuticals, dietary supplement, cosmeceuticals, medical equipment, health care products, etc)
– Online order – receive the order at your home or nearest selective Pharmacity store quickly

2. Accumulate your spending, big savings
– Get the daily hot deals by activating reminder notification to ensure you don’t miss the latest deals
– Accumulate the points up to 6% for each order value. Accumulated points able to purchase conveniently.
– Free shipping nationwide for orders with total amount more than 300,000 VND

3. Free online consultation on symptoms and medication usage from our highly qualified pharmacists

4. Quickly and easily find the nearest Pharmacity store
– Our pharmacy system with over 700 stores across 18 provinces & cities in Vietnam and continuously expanding.

5. Helpful health-care advices and tips.

Thank you for your interest and using Pharmacity! Wish you good health and enjoy your convenient shopping with Pharmacity!

Pharmacity app has released version 2.1.8 with new improvement:

– Fix low volume issue when calling e-pharmacist

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