Rand Lover | Talk to strangers

Rand Lover | Talk to strangers


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Rand Lover: Anonymous chat to make friends with strangers, where you can anonymously chat, make friends and freely share your thoughts without fear of affecting your daily life.

✔️ If you delete your message, it will also be wiped on the device of the person you are chatting with. Rand Lover values ​​and protects your privacy, and you are in control of everything you submit at Rand Lover.

✔️ Easily find the right person to talk to you by age, gender and region in any country in the world.

✔️ Whenever you need help or suggestions in the process of using Rand Lover, just send an email to sp.randlover@gmail.com, we will be glad to receive your email.

– Improved app performance
– User reporting feature
– Fix: no notification when new message is received

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