Super Hearing Sound Amplifier

Super Hearing Sound Amplifier


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Super Hearing Sound Amplifier enhances audio from your surroundings using headphones to improve listening clarity. Super Hearing Sound Amplifier works as a hearing amplifier and super hearing aid app for android to boost and amplify sound coming through microphone from surroundings to your ears for super hearing.

The hearing amplifier and super hearing aid app for android supports wire or Bluetooth listening devices such as earphones, headphones and earbuds. Use Super Hearing Sound Amplifier to filter, augment and amplify sounds around you so you can hear everything louder and more clearly.

Super Hearing Sound Amplifier can filter background noise and amplify sound from surroundings for better hearing. The hearing amplifier streams the amplified sound from microphone to listening devices such as wire or Bluetooth earphones, headphones and earbuds. It is useful especially when you’re a distance away.

During recreational activities such as bird-watching, the sound amplifier can boost sound for super hearing. The hearing amplifier and super hearing aid app for android uses microphone to convert sound waves to electrical signals. The audio signals are transmitted to a sound amplifier to be filtered and augmented, before being routed to the ear for super hearing.

• Boost important sound and reduce unwanted or distracting noise around you.
• Listen to conversations and hear people’s voices louder and more audibly.
• Use Bluetooth headphones to help hear TV louder or lectures from back seats.
• Filter, augment and amplify sound from your surroundings.
• Listen to natural sounds such as the chirping of birds or rustling of leaves.
• Stay alert and detect danger.
• Restore normal sound perception against hearing loss.
• Eliminate the stress of asking people to repeat what they say.
• Use as emergency hearing aid device.
• Hear everything clearly from a distance.
• Filter out background noise and echo for clarity.
• Amplify sound from TV, Laptop, Radio, Speaker, etc.
• Record audio around you using a sound recorder.
• Detect sound using phone’s microphone or the mic on your headset.
• Set volume of sound to improve your hearing.
• Save and load your customized configurations.
• See waveform of sound with real-time audio visualization.

Microphone: Allows audio processing for amplification and filtering.
Record Audio: Allows the hearing amplifier to capture external sounds.
External Storage: Access storage so you can save audio you record using the sound recorder.
Phone Status:Allows the sound amplifier to pause when there’s an incoming or outgoing call.

Disclaimer: Use Super Hearing Sound Amplifier to improve your hearing, not to replace your prescribed hearing aid device from your audiologist (ear physician).

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