Troll Robber: Steal it your way

Troll Robber: Steal it your way


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Inctroducing the best thief you’re about to play…
On a rainy day, the thief was struck by a strange lighting bolf. Since then, once the thief flips, everything stops. He was also gifted the ability to stretch his arms as much as he wants. Taking advantage of that, he uses his arms and hands to steal anything as long as he wants it. What a happy life to live from now on!
Use your brainpower to help him! 🧠🙋‍♂️

– Stretch the hand to move and steal the items.
– Do not hit the obstacles and make sure not to get caught.
– Observe and steal wisely.

– Addicting game play with beautifully graphics.
– Funny scenarios and unique levels that excite you with no repetition.
– Boost your brainpower while practicing game play.
– Provide you with easy hints to solve the puzzles.
– Help to relax in your spare time.
– No wifi – Free – Update weekly.

🕵️ Each level is a funny riddle for your brain, train your brain simply and effectively with this game. 🥰

– Add new levels
– Update UI/UX
– Support multi language
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