Ultrasound and pregnancy app

Ultrasound and pregnancy app


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Ultrasound and pregnancy app showcases how baby appears on each of the ultrasound trimester stages of a pregnant mothers.

You can also ask question about your pregnancy ultrasound related issue from the expert.

Within each pregnancy trimester, pregnant mothers are expected to do ultrasound scan to ascertain their baby well being. So this app will show you what to expect on each of the stages of your pregnancy.

The ultrasound showed in the app are :
4-6 weeks ultrasound
8 weeks ultrasound
12 weeks ultrasound
16 weeks ultrasound
20 weeks ultrasound
24 weeks ultrasound
28 weeks ultrasound
32 weeks ultrasound
36 weeks ultrasound

N.B: This app is not an ultrasound machine so therefore ,it cannot scan you personally to see your baby. Rather, it shows you guide how baby appear on ultrasound on each stages of the pregnancy .

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