Weight Gain Calculator

Weight Gain Calculator


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“Weight Gain Calculator”, This app allows you to:
– Weight gain goals
– Calories counter
– Diet tracker
– Weight gain tracker
– Weight gain calculator
– Nutritional counter
– Updated on: height, weight, BMI, weight chart analysis, to track daily weight gain.

You want to gain weight by tracking daily food calories?
You want to gain weight by exercising and playing sports every day?
You want to have a healthy body by having a reasonable diet?
You want to track the daily diet by controlling the amount of calories taken into the body via the diet?
We will bring you the app “Weight Gain Calculator”. We think it’s that the best weight gain and diet tracker app.

You want to gain weight, and to accomplish this successfully based on your diet? This application will be the choice right for you to complement the typical diet standards. Every day, you can review and analyze the data; you’re on track to achieve your desired weight. This app brings the fitness tracking and counting tools, calorie charts, and the detailed reporting that have helped millions of members meet their goals and live healthier, better, lives. The app fully integrates giving you access to detailed diet reporting and more.


The “Weight Gain Calculator” app has a database of food for you to apply chosen to manage daily food & dining offers dining tracking mode with the food in the application: In addition, the application allows you import more food, you eat every day, from which data is added to food every day, the app will help you count calories you eat on a daily basis according to the appropriate diet for you.

Easily track exercise regime and count the calories that you consume. Calculate the amount of calories in each meal to match the amount of calories that your body needs in each meal. The aim is to create a strategy to lose weight by tracking your diet.

Subscribe to the consumption of the common nutrients and minerals you need in your body such as calories, carbs, protein, fat, fiber, cholesterol, and more.

Track your daily progress by updating data,, height , weight, BMI, and make charts for easier analysis for reducing excess weight to have a body healthy and substandard.

Tips to you to learn more about the metabolism in the body, and how to have a healthy body, the application will generally be a nutritional doctor on your phone!

1. Track your weight in days
2. Review the weight-for-day history.
3. Evaluation of each day’s weight you through chart
4. Diary calorie menu based on dishes and daily exercise regime.
5. Show the calories needed to sustain life in a day (calculated to match the 0.5 kg reduction in 1 week)
6. Allows you to select your menu or order dishes type the name of the dish that you eat every day in applications, as well as daily practice mode your data into the system, and notes in diary application.
7. Applications based on the recommended diet and exercise to gain weight for your purposes.
7. Change the language (English, Vietnamese, etc…)
8. Share app
9. Review app
10. See also our app

The “Weight Gain Calculator” app has helped millions of people like you have the desire to gain weight suitable for your body. We made this application for the purpose of providing support tool aimed to give you an effective weight gain solution. Objective No. 1 is our make you happy, have an ideal body.

Download the “Weight Gain Calculator” app free and start using app for living a life with a healthier and happier by using our app!
Thanks so much.

“Weight Gain Calculator – Weight tracker” Release Noted:
– Reduce Ads
– Add [Back] button for [Delete and Reset Data] function
– Add weight chart to track weekly weight
– Convert app from COCOS 2DX to android 4.4 Higher
– Upgrade API android to resize apk file
– Updated on: Height, Weight, bmi, weight chart analysis to track daily weight gain.
– Weight gain goals
– Calories counter
– Diet tracker
– Weight gain tracker
– Weight gain calculator
– Nutritional counter

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