Wuta Camera – Nice Shot Always

Wuta Camera – Nice Shot Always


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All-round camera app, natural, high-quality, and clear are its characteristics.

Known and praised widely by more than 200 million users.

Wuta Camera, nice shot always!

[Cosmetic Medical Facial Edit]New “3D Rhinoplasty” comes online! From the root of nose, the bridge of nose, the ala of nose to the tip of nose, beautify your nose in high-quality multi dimension. Make you have a natural, tall and strong nose easily, at the same time with other facial features perfect fit!
More than 20 other beauty functions edit your face to make it look more beautiful and natural at the same time.

[Best Skin Texture Template]
Best skin texture template comes online! There are 7 skin styles to choose, which are classic, soft, cream, soft foggy, original, texture, men style. Having model face in one click, more choose more beautiful.

[Special sticker style]Collect of the latest, good-looking and most fun style stickers, including many features, style filters, personality selfie elements. Keep up with the trend of the times, go with the fashion.

[4D Original Makeup]Super lifelike makeup effect, without fear of all kinds of angles, all kinds of expressions, even when you are makeup-free, retouch skin tone using our exclusive skin smoothing tool with our camera.

[Sketch Art Editor]Sketch function in direct shooting, color lead/black and white arbitrary switch.

1.【Addition】The new function Image Retouching provided in Wuta just came out. You can use pictures to add stickers and make-up in the newest version.
2.【Addition】Add Food shooting mode, and make you take appealing food easily.
3.【Addition】More filters and stickers for all scenes, portrait, food, scenery, etc.
4.【Optimization】Optimize some shooting function and make your shooting effect better.

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