YO Sperm Test 2.0 Wi-Fi

YO Sperm Test 2.0 Wi-Fi


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Please Note: This App is for YO Kits that display a WiFi logo on the outer box. It is compatible with new YO 2.0 WiFi Kits (Product numbers: YO-FA-01633-00, YO-FA-01634-00, YO-FA-01635-00). Please download the new older YO 1.0 App if you do not have a WiFi type device.

Check your sperm swimmers easily and accurately using the YO Home Sperm Test (Test Kit purchase required). Turn your smartphone, PC or MAC into a testing platform to assess your motile sperm concentration (the number of moving sperm in your sample) in about 3 minutes (testing time). That’s right, MOVING SPERM – These swimmers are the only ones that REALLY count! YO also captures a video of your sperm for you to see or send, with your results, to an expert for further analysis. Find out if you are in the “NORMAL” range, see your YO SCORE rating vs. other men and learn about what you and your partner can do to improve your fertility potential by following YO’s Path to Pregnancy for couples. YO can also help you Find an Expert in your area if you need one.

The YO Home Sperm Test is > 97% accurate vs. laboratory semen analysis, FDA cleared for over-the-counter use and has been thoroughly tested for precision, accuracy and much more by all of us at Medical Electronic Systems. We’ve been in the automated sperm testing business for more than 20 years so we know what we’re doing.

To run your sample on the YO Home Sperm Test, download this app and purchase the affordable, YO kit on our website (www.YOspermTEST.com). The kit includes ALL of the supplies you’ll need to run two tests plus a YO WIFI (local) device (good for 50 tests). For more details about how YO works, read on…

The YO Home Sperm Test app operates together with the YO (local) WIFI device to assess, report and display a video of the MOTILE SPERM CONCENTRATION (MSC) in your semen sample. Results are reported as either LOW MSC RANGE: Less than 6 Million (sperm) per milliliter or MODERATE/NORMAL MSC RANGE: Greater than or equal to 6 Million (sperm) per milliliter. The YO Home Sperm Test app guides you through the testing process step by step on your Smartphone/ PC or MAC screen providing both written and animated instructions. Your test results and videos are stored securely in the YO archive until you delete them.

Check your swimmers with the YO Home Sperm Test and start the journey to your Path to Pregnancy with your partner.

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