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Yong Heroes


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[New Class: Archer, Agile and Accurate]Five classic classes including physical attack, magical attack, control, and doctor for you, Choose the one you want and begin you journey.

[Double Mounts, Double Happiness]Wander in the martial world with your friends or lovers. Take him or her to your double mount now!

[God Gears Boost Your Power]New gear system will unlock a new dimension for your power. Collect, enhance, and refine the God gears to be the top hero.

[Win Rich Boss Drop with Your Buddies]Hunting bosses in the wide world and compete to kill world bosses to collect the rich loots. The more Bosses you hunt, the more powerful you will be. Will you be the NO.1 hunter?

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1.[Sneak into Martial World: Assassin]2.[Test Your Luck via 200 Lottery Chances]3.[Time-limit Login to Claim Continuous Rewards]4.[Double Drop and Double Happiness]5.[Boost your Combat Power by Server Acceleration]6.[Share the Rewards of Server Boss]

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